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By HH Contributor Kristina McCombie

Back in December, I was notified of a new product that had just hit the market that guaranteed to change the way I thought about spurs and spur straps. Intrigued, I reached out to the company and was pleasantly greeted by the company’s founder, Jill Howser from Arizona. Fast forward about a month, and I’m overjoyed to present Howser’s Spur Tech Spur Straps to The Hacked Horse and its followers.

Jill Howser

For the past 30 years of my riding career spur straps have been virtually the same… leather strips with plain or fancy buckles, or webbed black material. Those were your only choices – and it didn’t matter if they didn’t fit on your spurs, or didn’t have a hole that fit on your boot. In my experience, I remember taking off the fancy tips of the embellished straps to make them fit in the side holes, only to then find out that one spur fit and the other did not. I never considered there would be other options until I discovered Spur Tech Spur Straps, an American-made product from our friends in Arizona.

These innovative spur straps promise “an immaculate connection between boot, spur, and horse.” They come in two formats – The Show and The Farm, and look to tackle many of the problems modern riders have with spurs – including shifting and slipping spurs, mismatched lengths, inability to adjust and bulky connections between the rider & horse.

When first removed from the packaging, these spur straps appear to be basic velcro strips, but they are so much more. The straps, made from high-quality hook and loop material easily fit in any hole on any size spur (and I tried them on four pairs) and are easy to adjust and use. The Farm boasts a tasteful grosgrain strap, while The Show feature a more refined leather strap. Once adjusted (simply done with scissors and a great how-to video) these straps are truly changing the spur game for the better.

I used these straps the whole weekend I showed at The National Western Stock Show and was very pleased with their ease of use, strong connection between my leg and my horse and the ability to adjust height between horses. They were super convenient to remove, and would be great for riders who can’t jog in their spurs (am I the only one who trips?!) At a price point of $22-$25, these are definitely worth a shot.

I reached out to founder Jill Howser to find out more about her background and what makes Spur Tech a true product of the future.

HH: What was the inspiration behind creation of the products?

JH: I am an amateur hunter/jumper owner and rider. Based on my own desire for better connection with the horse when using spurs, I felt there was room for improvement. Ultimately, I decided to create a new product that offered an attractive, comfortable, durable option that stabilizes the spur location for best contact between boot, spur, and horse. Something I call immaculate connection! They are quick to put on and to adjust and the fit is unmatched.

HH: What are the straps made of?

JH: The straps are made of the highest quality and extremely durable loop and hook material. They fasten with Velcro™ in lieu of a buckle system. They do not fray, stretch or dry out and have a show ring ready appearance.

HH: Where are they manufactured?

JH: Arizona – USA

HH: How are these spur straps going to change the future of the sport?

JH: In a precision sport where second chances are not an option, the importance of a reliable spur system for specific contact is imperative.

HH: Who can we see using these already?

JH: Professional riders; Ariel Black, Janine Weatherby, Ashley Stannard, Allison Kroff, Henk Fredricks, Anne Bakker and many more on the way. Many of the highest profile riders and programs have expressed great interest and are starting to order them.

HH: The company has some great values and prides itself on giving back. Is that correct?

JH: First, the goal in creating this product was to assist all levels of riders by improving their aids to the horse and to do so at an accessible price point.

HH: Where do you see this vision moving forward?

JH: We are involved in providing product as class awards, championship awards and for Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) programs. Moving forward, the goal for these products is to better prepare every rider, to improve their rides and to help achieve their goals.


Author’s Note: We have TWO PAIRS of The Show Spur Tech Spur Straps to give away to our lucky fans. Stay tuned for our contest, but in the meantime, be sure to find Spur Tech on Facebook and Instagram!




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