The Colorado Horse Park Congratulates the 2017 Summer In The Rockies Circuit Champions

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Kim Beaudoin for CHP
Parker, CO – August 9, 2017 – The Colorado Horse Park (CHP) is proud to congratulate and recognize each of the Circuit Champions for the 2017 Summer In The Rockies Series (SIR). The 2017 summer circuit featured seven successful weeks of top competition from June 7 through July 23 at The Colorado Horse Park in Parker, CO.
2017 Jumper Circuit Champions 
1.20m Open Jumper 
La Belle Soiree / Molly Precourt / Karen Banister
CWD 1.25 Open Jumper 
Gracious Me / BBB Show Jumpers LLC / Bjorn Ikast
Adequan® 1.30 Open Jumper 
E-Wally / Golden Point Partners / Benjamin Meredith
Adequan® 1.35 Open Jumper
Supernatural / Bjorn Ikast / Bjorn Ikast
Adequan® 1.40-1.45 Open Jumper 
Calamanzo / Angela Burns / Armando Hassey
FarmVet 6-Year-Old Young Jumper
CCF Hibiscus Coast / Cross Creek Farms, Inc. / Michelle Parker
FarmVet 7-Year-Old Young Jumper 
Notorious / Serenity Ridge Farm / Allison Kroff
Osphos® Adult Amateur Jumper 
Neolisto Van Het Mierenhof / Kristina Matthews / Kristina Matthews
Osphos® Children’s Jumper
Spirit Des Baumes / Delaney Hamilton / Delaney Hamilton
Griffis Residential High Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper 
Dragonfly’s Esmeralda / Dragonfly Farms / Madelyn Porter
Griffis Residential Medium Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper
Athena / Hannah Newton / Hannah Newton

Holiday Inn Parker Low Adult Jumper

Don’t Blink / Courtney Benjamin / Courtney Benjamin

Holiday Inn Parker Low Children’s Jumper

Don Giovanni LS / Mari Long / Elizabeth Woods
Ariat® Low Amateur Owner Jumper 
Southern Rose / Blair Cudmore / Brooke Cudmore

Ariat® Low Junior Jumper

Destiny Van De Noorduheuvel / Mary Frances Burnette / Mary Frances Burnette
Front Range Kubota Modified Child/Adult Jumper
Tenbrooks / Katherine Robertson / Isla Chowanec
Modified Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper
Cabriolet / Devon Eret / Devon Eret
2017 Hunter & Equitation Circuit Champions
Horseware® Ireland Performance Hunter 3’3″
Valentine / Ainslee Gregg / James Hensen
Horseware Ireland® Performance Hunter 3’6″
Corcovado /  NTM Enterprises / Paul Rohrbach
Pre-Adult Hunter
Fanci That / Thomas Spiro / Connie Fry
Pre-Children’s Hunter
The Beat Goes On / Olivia Contillo / Mackenzie Barton
Rusty Stirrup Hunter
Collin / Heather Chenault / Heather Chenault
Schooling Hunter 2’6″
Manhattan / Eighteen Acres Farm / Mindy Cortez
Short Stirrup Hunter
Indian Dancer RF / Liza Dennehy / Harrison Bunker
Gumbits Small Pony Hunter
Party Time / Jordan Gibbs / Jordan Gibbs
USHJA 2′ Hunter
Royal Dutch / Abby Matthias / Tarah Wolf
USHJA 2’3″ Hunter
Cheers / Eighteen Acres Farm / Mindy Cortez
USHJA 2’6″ Hunter
Sirius Black / Anna Lawrence / Anna Lawrence
USHJA 2’9″ Hunter
Mumms Mimosa / Betta Whitbeck / Amanda Thomas
USHJA 3′ Hunter
Caran D / Abbygale Funk / Tess Harris
Young Hunters
Snowbird / Tarah Wolf / Tarah Wolf
Modified Children’s Hunter
Benevento / Hannah Mankus / Sophia Mankus
Gumbits Medium Pony Hunter
GF Elliot / Jordan Gibbs / Jordan Gibbs
Modified Adult Hunter
Verity / Mesa View Stables, LLC / Ann Hopfenbeck
High Performance Hunter 
Corcovado / NTM Enterprises / Paul Rohrbach
CWD Junior Hunter 3’3″
Conradical / Jaden Olson / Jaden Olson
CWD Junior Hunter 3’6″
Escondido / ABA Hunter Ponies / Mackenzie Altheimer
Gumbits Large Pony Hunter
GF Aurelia / Dominic Gibbs / Dominic Gibbs
Long Stirrup Hunter 
Eddie Rascal / Beckie Harman/ Olivia Harman
Green Hunter 3′
MTM Movado/ MTM Farm / Kelly Lorek
Green Hunter 3’3″
Perseus YC / Erin Gibbs / Karen Catov-Goodell
Green Hunter 3’6″
Easy Street HU / Raven Ridge Farm / Kim Barone
Green Hunter 3’9″
Verity / Mesa View Stables, LLC / Ann Hopfenbeck
Trappers Chop House Amateur Owner Hunter 3’3″
All In / Nicole Lyvere / Nicole Lyvere
Mile High Golf Carts Amateur Owner Hunter 3’6″
Summer Place / Pony Lane Farm / Madeline Thatcher
Marshall & Sterling Children’s Hunter 13 & Under
RS Levitation / Sydney Beamon / Ellie Aronson
Marshall & Sterling Children’s Hunter 14 & Over
Golden Girl / Olivia Stordahl / Olivia Stordahl
Marshall & Sterling Adult Amateur Hunter 18-35
Weimar / Caroline Molther / Caroline Molther
Marshall & Sterling Adult Amateur Hunter 36-49
Keystone / Lindsay Ryan / Lindsay Ryan
Marshall & Sterling Adult Amateur Hunter 50+
Totem Pole / Carol Tucker / Carol Tucker
Cross Rail Overall (Hunters & Equitation)
Second Glance / Jensen Crenshaw / Katherine Leaffer
Adult Equitation
Austin Holland
Long Stirrup Equitation
Lucia Wellso
Short Stirrup Equitation
Sora Sohn
Rusty Stirrup Equitation
Abby Matthias
Children’s Equitation
Cait Murdoch
Voltaire Designs 12-14 Equitation 
Stella Gripe
15-17 Equitation 
Abigail Albrecht
The Colorado Horse Park management team applauds the fantastic performances seen each week during the 2017 Summer In The Rockies Series and thanks the exhibitors, spectators and staff for their continued support.
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