Ride 4 Life

Steve Johnson started Ride 4 Life January 1, 2017. Ride 4 Life was born out of Steve’s vision to help riders learn and grow by putting their best self forward. Steve’s program focuses on discipline, principles and growing from failures. His methods prepare riders for adversity both in and out of the ring. Steve believes that success comes through doing the little things with a good attitude, putting forth your best effort every time and having gratitude. He teaches people how to manage their emotions by managing their physical being (controlling the controllable). Steve teaches from a place of positivity, inspiration, honesty and knowledge. He is the son of very well-respected trainers, Dave & Kathy Johnson, of Phoenix, AZ. Not only did he grow up ringside, he also rode through the junior ranks before he pursued other sports as a youth. Steve came back to the horse industry in his twenties. He has had the privilege of working with some of the most respected trainers and show managers in the country, including, Tracye Ferguson, Kerri Kaneps, Michael Dennehy, Charley Dennehy, Laurie Jueneman, John McConnell, Brianna Davis, Kris Nixon, Joanne Waring, Sarah Williams, Bjorn Ikast, Chris Coleman, John McQueen and Tommy McIntyre. Steve has an immense amount of respect and gratitude for all of these individuals. Working with each and every one of them allowed Steve to develop the skills required to make Ride 4 Life a reality.



Steve provides coaching to riders in the hunter/jumper sport. His mission is to inspire and empower riders to achieve their dreams in and out of the show ring. Developing the skills necessary to learn and grow as a rider is the foundation of his program.



For more information about Steve and Ride 4 Life, Inc. please contact Steve Johnson at (720) 415-7559 or email ride4lifeincorporated@gmail.com.


Keener Edge

14 year-old
16.2 hands
Currently showing 3’0″ or 0.90, 0.95m
Prospect for 3’6″ or 1.05, 1.10m
3+ Years Showing
Sale Price $20 – 40k USD

Keener has brought his rider from the stirrups to the 3′ and easily shows in all three rings and has taken his past owner to the 3’6” ring. Championships in hunters jumpers and equitation and has had many great placings in the medals. Very brave, huge stride and extremely forgiving to the jumps. Requires no prep at the shows. Has great flatwork including counter canter and jumps ditches banks water etc. Great home a must. Video here. Please email for more videos, pictures, etc.



Contact: Lindsay Lippincott

To Ride Better…

A horse is only as balanced and disciplined as its rider. Anyone who has spent a significant chunk of time in the saddle learns to be very aware of his or her body. Often, we know the little quirks we need to fix – sit up taller, put your heels down, look up – but turning those improvements into muscle memory can be challenging. Here are six fun and interesting tips to help you create good riding habits.

  1. Stick quarters under your thumb

It’s good to ride with a soft hand, but your thumb needs to hold the reins securely so they don’t slip through your fingers. Stick loonies between your thumb and the rein. Concentrating on holding the coins in place will teach you to pinch the reins tightly between your thumb and the knuckle of your forefinger.



  1. Ride with a driving rein

If you brace on the reins or use them for balance, try this simple change: carry your reins like you’re driving a team of horses (see example to the right). This will immediately soften your wrists and forearm, making it impossible to brace on the reins. Eventually your muscles will make a habit of riding with a soft, elastic contact and your horse will thank you!

  1. Hold newspapers under your arms

Holding arms your close to your body helps keep your elbows and wrists soft, so your hands can gently follow the movement of the horse’s head. If your horse doesn’t like to accept contact on the bit, check your elbows. If they’re sticking out like a chicken, they’re locked up and your horse can’t relax on the bit. Place rolled up newspapers under your arms and concentrate on holding them in place. It will help you form a habit of keeping your elbows close to your body.


  1. Post with just one stirrup

If your saddle always slips to one side, you’re probably riding with more weight in that stirrup. Most people have one leg that’s stronger than the other. Mine is my right leg. When I post, I push off my right leg more than left. After about 15 minutes, I’ll notice my saddle sliding to the right. If you’re like me, here’s a simple fix. During your warm up, drop the stirrup on your strong leg and post the trot using only your weak leg. It’s pretty challenging at first – the stirrup under your weak leg will feel like its swinging all over the place. But after a few sessions, your leg will get stronger. Soon, you’ll be more balanced in both stirrups and your saddle with stop sliding.

  1. Stick a towel under your butt cheek

If you tend to lean or collapse your body to one side, here’s a quick and easy trick to help you level out. Fold a dishcloth into a small square and stick it under your butt cheek on the side you lean into. That will teach you what a level pelvis feels like, and it will also lift your weight back into the center of the saddle.


  1. Pretend you’re Beyoncé

If you bounce all over the place at a sitting trot, you’re holding tension in your hips. Interestingly enough, the only way to sit still on your horse is to move! Swallow your pride and thrust those hips like you’re Beyoncé. Your hips should swing up with the up movement of the trot, and down with down beats. Concentrate on following the motion of the horse and pushing your pelvis into the deepest part of your saddle. Trust me – you won’t look as silly as you feel.



Singetree Farm in Beautiful Boulder, Colorado

Located on 31 acres overlooking the Flatirons and surrounded by pristine Boulder, Colorado open space, Singletree Farm offers a wonderful experience for horse and rider.


The staff at Singletree is knowledgeable, attentive, and committed to providing excellent quality of care. Karen Whitman, Singletree Barn Manager and owner of KW Dressage, is at the helm of the team. Karen and staff have earned a reputation for providing a safe, healthy, and fun environment for boarders and their horses.



Singletree Farm offers the following amenities:

  • 12’x12’ box stalls & stalls with runs
  • Large indoor arena (with leather mix footing)
  • Large outdoor jumping arena (with sand mix footing)
  • Outdoor dressage arena (with sand mix footing)
  • Hacking field
  • Trail access nearby
  • Grass pasture turnout
  • Sand paddock turnout
  • Boarder tack rooms
  • Hot & cold water wash stalls
  • Indoor restroom
  • Triple Crown feed program


The training and instruction at Singletree Farm is also top-notch! USDF Gold Medalist, Karen Whitman, provides exceptional training in the dressage discipline. Karen brings 26 years of horse experience and 15 years of training experience to Singletree Farm. Karen incorporates her enthusiasm, knowledge and skills into her training, showing and coaching program.



The hunter/jumper program at Singletree is under the direction of Claire Gordon-Neff and Courtney MacDonald of Front Range Show Stables. Between them, Claire and Courtney have more than 55 years in the industry, earning countless accolades on the local and “AA” circuits. Claire and Courtney specialize in creating carefully curated training programs for hunters, jumpers, equitation horses, and ponies. As two of the leading hunter/jumper professionals in Colorado, Claire and Courtney run a dynamic program for horse and rider that is second to none!



Contact us today (206-484-9810) to schedule a tour and meet our team!



Front Range Show Stables is a full-service hunter/jumper training center, located at Singletree Farm in Boulder, Colorado. FRSS specializes in hunters, jumpers, equitation, ponies, investment prospects, and sales. Front Range Show Stables provides outstanding training services from beginner through Grand Prix levels.


Under the direction of Claire Gordon-Neff and Courtney MacDonald, Front Range Show Stables offers national-quality training for horse and rider. Between them, Claire and Courtney have more than 55 years in the industry. Throughout their careers, they’ve earned their stellar reputation and countless accolades on the local and “AA” circuits.




Claire and Courtney offer a uniquely collaborative approach to training, each bringing their skills to bear for the betterment of their customers and their horses. Claire has a passion and aptitude for developing young hunters, cultivating equitation talent, and overseeing the Front Range Show Stables sales program. Courtney is an incredible instructor, has a keen eye spotting jumper talent, and pilots many of the horses in the program with unparalleled technical skill and finesse. By working collaboratively, Claire and Courtney create a well-rounded training experience for horse and rider.


Call Claire (206-484-9810) to discuss your riding ambitions!


Front Range Show Stables is Growing!


Front Range Show Stables at Singletree Farm is thrilled to announce that it’s team is growing. Front Range Show Stables, owned by Claire Gordon-Neff, has recently brought on Courtney MacDonald (formerly, Frederick Court Show Stables) and customers to form one outstanding team! As two of Colorado’s leading hunter/jumper professionals, Courtney and Claire are excited about the future of this endeavor and the opportunities that a “team environment” will provide their growing clientele.



“We are thrilled to have the support and balance that this kind of training partnership provides for each other and our customers. We share so many philosophies and experiences, having developed our careers outside of Colorado, and are excited to collaborate for each other and our dedicated, passionate clients. We believe that our team enables us to provide the very best care and education for our customers, both at home and on the road. Right now, we’re just enjoying springtime at Singletree Farm and having a blast!” – Claire Gordon-Neff, Front Range Show Stables



“I am so delighted to be able to work with Claire at the incredible Singletree Farm. We are having a wonderful time working together, helping our clients and their horses achieve their goals. The future is bright at Front Range Show Stables and we are excited to provide this top-quality program to the Colorado equestrian community.” – Courtney MacDonald, Front Range Show Stables



Front Range Show Stables specializes in hunters, jumpers, equitation, ponies, investment prospects, and sales. Known for providing AA-circuit quality training for horse and rider, Front Range Show Stables emphasizes horsemanship, fostering independence and confidence through a carefully curated program.



Excited to house a top-notch hunter/jumper program, Singletree Farm’s ownership and management have been wonderfully supportive of Front Range Show Stable’s expansion. As a demonstration of their commitment to excellence in boarding, Singletree has recently enhanced the footing in the outdoor jumping arena, added additional barn staff, and are offering a new nutrition program to better meet the needs of their equine athletes. Singletree Farm has been owned and operated by Jan & Bill Treadwell for the past 27 years, the longest single-owner equestrian facility in Boulder County.



“We are very excited about the new Front Range Show Stables program and we look forward to growing together.” – Bill Treadwell, Singletree Farm


Front Range Show Stables has limited openings for new customers for the 2018 season. Learn more by visiting their website.