Ride 4 Life

Steve Johnson started Ride 4 Life January 1, 2017. Ride 4 Life was born out of Steve’s vision to help riders learn and grow by putting their best self forward. Steve’s program focuses on discipline, principles and growing from failures. His methods prepare riders for adversity both in and out of the ring. Steve believes that success comes through doing the little things with a good attitude, putting forth your best effort every time and having gratitude. He teaches people how to manage their emotions by managing their physical being (controlling the controllable). Steve teaches from a place of positivity, inspiration, honesty and knowledge. He is the son of very well-respected trainers, Dave & Kathy Johnson, of Phoenix, AZ. Not only did he grow up ringside, he also rode through the junior ranks before he pursued other sports as a youth. Steve came back to the horse industry in his twenties. He has had the privilege of working with some of the most respected trainers and show managers in the country, including, Tracye Ferguson, Kerri Kaneps, Michael Dennehy, Charley Dennehy, Laurie Jueneman, John McConnell, Brianna Davis, Kris Nixon, Joanne Waring, Sarah Williams, Bjorn Ikast, Chris Coleman, John McQueen and Tommy McIntyre. Steve has an immense amount of respect and gratitude for all of these individuals. Working with each and every one of them allowed Steve to develop the skills required to make Ride 4 Life a reality.



Steve provides coaching to riders in the hunter/jumper sport. His mission is to inspire and empower riders to achieve their dreams in and out of the show ring. Developing the skills necessary to learn and grow as a rider is the foundation of his program.



For more information about Steve and Ride 4 Life, Inc. please contact Steve Johnson at (720) 415-7559 or email ride4lifeincorporated@gmail.com.


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