HH: Who is Kirbi? Tell us a little about yourself …

KS: Recent graduate from CU Denver. I’m studying to get my insurance license to go work for my dad. I’d do anything for my family or barn family no matter what the situation. 

HH: What horse(s) do you have right now and what are you working on?

KS: I have my 8 year old Hanoverian gelding “Oh Man” or Ollie. We’re working on consistency and for us to let everything come to us instead of overthinking. 

HH: What are some of your accomplishments this year and what are your future goals?

KS: Moving up to the 3’3” AO’s is a big step for us. I just want showing to be competitive for us and fun. 

Ollie and Kirbi in Estes Park

HH: Who do you idolize in the sport?

KS: I idolize my trainer, Andrea van Meenen, because she’s patient and fair. She’s not afraid to push me which is what I need to get better each round. 

HH: Who have you ridden with and what have you taken from each trainer?

KS: I’ve only ridden with Andrea in the showing world. Being with the same trainer since I was 15 really benefits myself and my horse because she knows me so well. 

HH: If your horse(s) was/were a person who do you think he/she would be like?

KS: I think he would be me. We both have opinions that we aren’t afraid to express. We love the people we’re close to but are also weary of people we don’t know well. 

HH: What is always in your tack trunk? 

KS: Sunscreen! His delicate nose and legs need all the sun protection he can get! Peppermints too. When we have a good round he deserves a peppermint. 

HH: What’s your favorite show and why? 

Big Love

KS: Estes Park is my favorite show. Being up in the mountains with the lake makes it feel like you’ve gone to BC or Oregon. Nice to feel like we’re out of state when in reality we’re close to home. 

HH: Do you have any good luck charms or are you superstitious about anything?

KS: I just need to be under caffeinated and awake enough to remember a course and not overthink.

Estes Park, CO

HH: If you weren’t riding and showing what do you think you’d be doing?

KS: Watching a horse show online or in person. I have other interest but I love this and can’t imagine not being in it. 

Pictures courtesy of: White Fence Photography and Core Equine Photography.