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Ambassadors - The Hacked Horse
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Brand Ambassador FAQ

What is a Brand Ambassador? A Brand Ambassador embodies the core purpose of The Hacked Horse to help strengthen the customer-product/service relationship and influence a larger audience. Predominantly, a Brand Ambassador is known as a positive spokesperson who helps create brand awareness.

What will my involvement be? We look to our Ambassadors to actively promote The Hacked Horse. Through this program, we just ask that you take that promotion to the next level.

Learn More About the Ambassador Program

Our Ambassador requirements are aligned with our business process, and may include, but are not limited to:

• Help us create a buzz for our web site through promotions on social networks (blogs, posts, pictures, videos, etc). An example of such content would be posting a selfie with the hashtag #TheHackedHorse.

• Share brand messages on social networks. This is the most basic Ambassador requirement. We ask that you actively help us promote, at least 4 times a month on one or more platforms, using proper tagging and hashtags.

Anything more than that is icing on the cake! Here are just a few examples:

  • Original posts
  • Share posts from The Hacked Horse
  • Product reviews posted to social – Products will be given to you.
  • Share our news and stories
  • Give ideas for new products, companies or partners we should align with
  • Write commentary or feedback about our site – this may be on the website or in follow up to a social mediapost.Are there incentives to being a Brand Ambassador? Of course! We appreciate your assistance, so we will be sure the love is reciprocated! While you will not be paid monetarily, we want to be sure you are recognized for all your hard work!You are, in fact, part of our team! Incentives may include, but are not limited to:
    • FREE schwag and HH product
    • Involvement in meetings/new product rollouts/new product previews
    • Promoted as BAs on our website and social media pages
    • And MORE!How long is a Brand Ambassador contract? Currently, our program will run on a six month term. At that time, you can reapply to stay on as an Ambassador. We will add new representatives as we go on. If at any time you feel you cannot uphold your part of the Ambassador deal, you can opt out of the program.

Emma Koch

HH Ambassador Emma Koch, Parker, CO   Emma is 11 years old and goes to Fox Ridge Middle School in Aurora. She started riding when she was four and has loved it ever since. Emma now rides and competes with Tess Harris and Paul &…

Brody Patton

HH Ambassador Brody Patton - Colorado Springs, CO Brody is our youngest HH Ambassador at only 8 years of age. He is in the 3rd grade at Antelope Trails Elementary School in Colorado Springs, CO. Brody has two medium ponies named Just Push…

Maggie Klau

HH Ambassador Maggie Klau - Niwot, CO Maggie is a 17-year-old junior at Dawson School in Lafayette. She started riding on the East coast when she was 4, and she now rides with Jen Shannon at Cornerstone Farm. Maggie participates in IEA as…

Hannah Rohrbach

HH Ambassador Hannah Rohrbach - Parker, CO Hannah rides with her dad and mom, Paul & Dorothy Rohrbach, at their barn Wells Bridge Farm in Parker Colorado. Hannah has been a fixture in the Pony and Children's Hunter rings in Colorado…

Claire Gordon-Neff

HH Ambassador Claire Gordon Neff - Boulder, CO Owner of Front Range Show Stables, Claire Gordon-Neff, is a seasoned professional with more than fifteen years of experience and success on the local and national "AA" circuits. Having spent…

Hannah Smith

HH Ambassador Hannah Smith - Castle Pines, CO Hannah is a 17 year old from Castle Pines, Colorado. She has been riding for 10 years in many disciplines including western, dressage, and now is a hunter/jumper/equitation rider. She is currently…

Gianna Lanteri

HH Ambassador Gianna Lanteri - Berthoud, CO Gianna began her riding career two and a half years ago and hasn’t looked back since. She rides with Molly Brame of Gargot Farms in Berthoud, Colorado. Gianna has quickly fallen in love with…

Emily McConnell

   HH Ambassador Emily McConnell - Littleton, CO Emily grew up riding with her mom and dad, Jim and Kris McConnell at Coventry Farms in Littleton, CO. Throughout her junior career she was lucky enough to get lessons with Kathy Johnson,…

Tori Weed

 HH Ambassador Tori Weed - Arvada, CO Tori is a 16-year-old high school student at Arvada West who takes pride in her school work and high academic accomplishment. She rides and trains with Karen Banister of White Harvest Farms where…

Sarah Watson

  HH Ambassador Sarah Watson - Sedalia, CO Having moved to Colorado from the East Coast 9 years ago, Sarah has worked hard to establish her Boutique Barn, Watson Equestrian, now located at Tolland Falls in Sedalia. Sarah focuses on Hunters,…

Stephany McConnell

 HH Ambassador Stephany McConnell - Littleton, CO Stephany rides with her family at their farm, Coventry Farms in Littleton, CO. At only 14 Stephany has multiple state, local and zone titles to her name. She and her horse Opi have won…