The Story Behind A Growing Local Company

A Boulder, Colorado based entrepreneur in the field of sports apparel design, development and manufacturing, Elizabeth Israel, made her journey to Equestrian sports apparel design from Exxon Mobil, where she had a successful career in oil and gas research and development. Following her passion for horses and fashion, since 2006, Elizabeth has created several high-end equestrian apparel brands: Latigo, Santio, Nathalie and her current and most successful brand, Mastermind. 

Mastermind Equestrian is a collaboration of experienced riding and marketing professionals from both the H/J and dressage worlds. The brand is known for it’s delicate, subtle and tastefully designed color coordinated collections that are produced for market distribution every few months. This cadence of developing small breeches-centered collections 4 to 5 times/year, utilizing Swiss fabric technologies and  premium product construction processes supports the brand strategy of continually serving up high-end, unique and fresh designs as comfortable as your favorite yoga pants. Unlike traditional wholesale to retail brands, Mastermind’s customer experience strategy focuses on direct contact with riders through events, ambassador and sponsorship opportunities. Elizabeth and other members of the team  attend numerous major equestrian events across the country, specifically focusing on the Colorado, California and Florida show circuit seasons. 

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“As a hairstylist and color expert I believe in treating every person and their hair as an individual with the utmost care and respect. I will deliver the highest level of service to be able to customize every appointment specifically for you and your lifestyle. Everyone has the ability to look and feel their best and I will work hard to ensure that success. I want to provide the steps toward transforming your hair to match the beautiful person you are inside and out.”

– Kate Vredenburg – Hair Stylist & Alfaparf Color Educator

Renegade specializes in Weddings, Photo shoots, and Events. Contact us for info on Wedding prices and packages.

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Kate Vredenburg at or 303-875-8308

Stable Secretary

If your horse is going through a bout of colic, the last thing you want to think about on your way to the clinic is tracking down paperwork. If you’re trying to fix a shoeing problem, why is it so difficult to get ahold of the x-rays from six months ago. Every trainer has felt the sudden onset of panic when you get to the show office and realize you don’t have all of your clients’ registration numbers and information. When did that horse have their health certificate completed, again?

As a barn manager or trainer, multitasking has become a way of life. Between the days filled with lessons, vet visits, and shoeing appointments, keeping track of every horse’s needs becomes an added challenge. Whether we like to admit it or not, maintaining tidy records for things such as invoicing, vet records, lease and sale agreements, farrier visits, and medication administration isn’t always on the top of the to-do list for equine professionals.

How convenient would it be to keep track of the needs of every horse in the barn on one application from smart phone to tablet? Stable Secretary is the equine management software that allows users to easily manage vet records, shoeing schedules, feed management, training records, and more through any mobile device or computer. Never again will you have to struggle or worry when you need quick information about a horse or client, and you’ll find it so easy to enter records, too!

This application gives users the ability to store information on all of their horses and clients on a user- friendly, cloud-based, record keeping software. Features of this software include the ability to keep track of health records and breeding information; store Coggins, health certificates and other important files and photos; receive reminders for upcoming due dates for injections and other service needs; keep track of your equestrian business contacts; create invoices and track payments; and more. Stable Secretary understands that entering records can be a daunting task, so we are going to offer data entry services for those of you who don’t have enough time in your day! The best part is that you are able to access all of this information any time, and anywhere!

Stable Secretary allows users to cut back on the clutter, prevent oversights, and optimize all aspects of equine management. With customization to fit all of your wants and needs, Stable Secretary is a product that provides trainers and barn managers a place to store all of their information in one easy-to-access, and organized, location. Trust me trainers, this software will save you time, money and stress.

You may contact Stable Secretary via link or phone 617-564-1241 or email at

Beautiful Custom Horse Hair Bracelets

Kim’s love and passion for horses began at the young age of 6. A Colorado native, she grew up riding at The Village Club in Cherry Hills, CO, and was a member of the Cherry Creek Pony Club for 7 years. As a teen, Kim competed in Three-Day Eventing, and also enjoyed Fox Hunting.
When married life and young kids entered her life, Kim reluctantly put horses on the back burner. Little did she know, her daughter would soon enough follow in her footsteps!
Her daughter fell in love with horses almost as soon as she could walk, and slowly but surely, Kim made her way back into the horse world! She now loves living vicariously through her 12 year old daughter Molly who competes in Jumpers on their mare Olivia’s Tune.
Kim has also become passionate about creating one of a kind “treasures” for horse lovers like herself. What better way to show your love and commitment to your horse than wearing them on your wrist?!
Kim has developed Treasured Tails Horsehair Keepsakes, and hopes to provide you with a stunning bracelet with your horse’s hair, choice of charms and personalization.
Please visit her Facebook page @TreasuredTailsHorsehairKeepsakes for more photos of her bracelets.
Contact Kim at: or 303-587-9355

So many of the fabulous pictures on this site have been given to us graciously by the extremely talented Dawn Hawkinson. Below is a little information (in her words) about Dawn and Horsin’ Around Photography.

I have loved horses all my life, so when my daughter wanted to start taking lessons 15 years ago, I jumped at the chance. I always wanted to capture all her special moments so I used to buy photos from the professionals at horse shows, but was not always impressed with the pictures given how much I paid for them.  About 8 years ago, I invested in a professional camera and lens and learned how to take my own photos… learning mostly from friends and browsing the internet.  Then others wanted me to take pictures and my business grew from there. I try keep my prices reasonable so anyone can enjoy treasured keepsakes of special times they would like to capture.   I mostly take equestrian photos, senior pictures, special pictures with horses and their owners, and of course, horse shows too.  I do have a page on Facebook – Horsin’ Around Photography. If you are interested, email me at