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Everyone will love these sweet and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Plus get more gift ideas for barn mates, your trainer, your horse and even yourself.

Show your love for your favorite pooch with the perfect accessory! Featuring silver hearts on red or pink leather, this collar is carefully handcrafted using the finest leathers and is made in the USA. $36.00 – $59.00 at Muttropolis.



This darling shirt is not only comfortable and practical it’s pink! We love this Asmar Equestrian Long Sleeve Signature T. Priced at $68.00 it’s a great deal. Shop it here at Exceptional Equestrian.



Your horse is going to be oh so pretty in pink with these amazing boots by DSB. These boots are designed to provide excellent protection as well as comfort for your horse. Priced at only $54.95 and available at Colorado Tack and Supply.



Your horse is going to love these little heart cookies. They are almost too cute to eat! Almost! Prices range in quantity available at Snaks 5th Avenchew.



These Purple Passion knee patch breeches by Tailored Sportsman are all the rage. Bonus, they go with everything! Priced at $189.95 and available anywhere Tailored Sportsman is sold.



Every child in your life needs this precious shirt by Joules. The Joules Ava Applique Top is all hearts and available at Ride-Away Equestrian.


Step into these cute heart themed socks that are perfect for riding. Priced at $12.00 and available at Sock It To Me.


This pad is sure to be your absolute favorite. It’s pink and made from moisture wicking fabric to keep your pony comfortable for the duration of your ride. Priced at only $45.00 and available at Equoware.



It’s just not Valentine’s Day without some sort of chocolate treat.  The perfect gift for your trainer or best barn buddy. These delicious chocolate covered Oreos are a real treat and available at Rosebud Chocolates.


Simple and elegant, the LILO Ladies’ Inglesa Spur Buckle Leather Belt compliments everything from breeches to dressy pants. It’s made of beautiful Spanish leather and fitted with a silvertone spur buckle for a classic equestrian touch. $62.99 and available at Dover Saddlery.




From our friends at Millbrook Leathers these spur leathers come in all colors (pictured in red) and help your spurs stay secure as well as protect your boots from rubs. Plus, they are pretty cool. Priced at $35.00 and available at Millbrook Leathers.




Just the cutest little leather pony key chain you ever did see. We just adore this little guy! $24.95 available at EQU Lifestyle Boutique.



These American Equus “Elite” English Stirrups are luxuriously crafted and engineered for performance. You can even customize and personalize your very own pair. Available for $299.00 at American Equus.



Want to spoil your horse this Valentine’s Day? Plan on giving him/her the ultimate spa day with these grooming products by Epona and Tail Tamer. All these and other wonderful grooming supplies can be found at The Grey Tail.


Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Be sure to hug your horse and kiss your loved ones. XOXO, from The Hacked Horse.

Spur Tech Spur Straps

By HH Contributor Kristina McCombie

Back in December, I was notified of a new product that had just hit the market that guaranteed to change the way I thought about spurs and spur straps. Intrigued, I reached out to the company and was pleasantly greeted by the company’s founder, Jill Howser from Arizona. Fast forward about a month, and I’m overjoyed to present Howser’s Spur Tech Spur Straps to The Hacked Horse and its followers.

Jill Howser

For the past 30 years of my riding career spur straps have been virtually the same… leather strips with plain or fancy buckles, or webbed black material. Those were your only choices – and it didn’t matter if they didn’t fit on your spurs, or didn’t have a hole that fit on your boot. In my experience, I remember taking off the fancy tips of the embellished straps to make them fit in the side holes, only to then find out that one spur fit and the other did not. I never considered there would be other options until I discovered Spur Tech Spur Straps, an American-made product from our friends in Arizona.

These innovative spur straps promise “an immaculate connection between boot, spur, and horse.” They come in two formats – The Show and The Farm, and look to tackle many of the problems modern riders have with spurs – including shifting and slipping spurs, mismatched lengths, inability to adjust and bulky connections between the rider & horse.

When first removed from the packaging, these spur straps appear to be basic velcro strips, but they are so much more. The straps, made from high-quality hook and loop material easily fit in any hole on any size spur (and I tried them on four pairs) and are easy to adjust and use. The Farm boasts a tasteful grosgrain strap, while The Show feature a more refined leather strap. Once adjusted (simply done with scissors and a great how-to video) these straps are truly changing the spur game for the better.

I used these straps the whole weekend I showed at The National Western Stock Show and was very pleased with their ease of use, strong connection between my leg and my horse and the ability to adjust height between horses. They were super convenient to remove, and would be great for riders who can’t jog in their spurs (am I the only one who trips?!) At a price point of $22-$25, these are definitely worth a shot.

I reached out to founder Jill Howser to find out more about her background and what makes Spur Tech a true product of the future.

HH: What was the inspiration behind creation of the products?

JH: I am an amateur hunter/jumper owner and rider. Based on my own desire for better connection with the horse when using spurs, I felt there was room for improvement. Ultimately, I decided to create a new product that offered an attractive, comfortable, durable option that stabilizes the spur location for best contact between boot, spur, and horse. Something I call immaculate connection! They are quick to put on and to adjust and the fit is unmatched.

HH: What are the straps made of?

JH: The straps are made of the highest quality and extremely durable loop and hook material. They fasten with Velcro™ in lieu of a buckle system. They do not fray, stretch or dry out and have a show ring ready appearance.

HH: Where are they manufactured?

JH: Arizona – USA

HH: How are these spur straps going to change the future of the sport?

JH: In a precision sport where second chances are not an option, the importance of a reliable spur system for specific contact is imperative.

HH: Who can we see using these already?

JH: Professional riders; Ariel Black, Janine Weatherby, Ashley Stannard, Allison Kroff, Henk Fredricks, Anne Bakker and many more on the way. Many of the highest profile riders and programs have expressed great interest and are starting to order them.

HH: The company has some great values and prides itself on giving back. Is that correct?

JH: First, the goal in creating this product was to assist all levels of riders by improving their aids to the horse and to do so at an accessible price point.

HH: Where do you see this vision moving forward?

JH: We are involved in providing product as class awards, championship awards and for Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) programs. Moving forward, the goal for these products is to better prepare every rider, to improve their rides and to help achieve their goals.


Author’s Note: We have TWO PAIRS of The Show Spur Tech Spur Straps to give away to our lucky fans. Stay tuned for our contest, but in the meantime, be sure to find Spur Tech on Facebook and Instagram!




6 Ways to Set Goals for Riding Success

Whether you ride for pleasure or the thrill of competition, setting realistic goals can increase your enjoyment of the time you spend in the saddle. Having well-defined and reasonable reference points to strive for gives your effort purpose. Plus, you’ll be able to congratulate yourself each and every time you achieve what you aim for.

The key to success—and satisfaction—is to establish goals that are both realistic and challenging. It can be counterproductive to set the bar too high. You’re likely to feel frustrated and overwhelmed if you attempt challenges far beyond what you’re ready for. It’s also important for your goals to have meaning. For instance, if they don’t include the riding benefits that are most important to you, the ones that keep you riding—say, relaxation or time spent with friends—even big achievements won’t be fulfilling. That’s why it’s necessary to design and work toward goals that offer satisfaction instead of stress. Here’s how

  • Choose goals that address your needs. You know yourself better than anyone else—including your trainer and closest friends. Try to develop goals on your own since they will reflect what you—and not anyone else—want to accomplish.

  • Base your goals on your abilities. Look objectively at your riding strengths, your current level of performance and where you need to improve. Keep in mind that higher goals—those that take you to the edge of your comfort zone—lead to better performance. (Remember the adage “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”?)

  • Keep goals specific and measurable. “I want to do well at my next competition” may sound like a worthwhile objective to strive for. Yet “well” is a broad, general term that’s subject to interpretation rather than objective evaluation. Instead, aim for something more clearly defined and easier to assess: “At the next horse trials, I want to finish the cross-country phase within the time allowed,” or “In my next schooling session, I want to ride forward out of the corners.” You’ll automatically know when you’ve succeeded.
  • State goals in positive terms. Say “I will make it to the finals” rather than “I will avoid being eliminated in the preliminaries,” or “I will trot downhill in balance” rather than “I won’t lose control going downhill.” Negative statements tend to become self-fulfilling prophecies.

  • Remain realistic and value every accomplishment. Many riders have modest goals that they share with others and grander goals that they keep to themselves. That’s OK to a point. But resist burdening yourself with an unspoken goal that’s well beyond your immediate reach. For example, your trainer may have you enter a higher-level class purely for the experience. But you’re privately thinking, “I’d really like to win.” Then, no matter how well you perform, you’ll rob yourself of the chance to feel good about any achievement that falls short of first place.
  • Remember why you ride. You may have to be flexible about your goals since day-to-day problems can disrupt your progress. But make sure you continue to achieve the most basic one— making your riding fun.

Getting a case of the winter blues? Maybe it’s time to get out of the barn and get horse showing. Here are just a few options from right here in Colorado to further south.

The National Western Stock Show is right in our backyard and pretty much runs all of January. January 6-21, 2018 to be exact, with the hunter/jumpers showing January 11- 16. Be sure to buy your tickets for the Grand Prix and Gambler’s Choice at http://www.nationalwestern.com/

National Western Stock Show


If you have vacation time and extra cash, you can always consider escaping winter farther south.  Several circuits have shows throughout the winter at various locations. HITS (Horse Shows in the Sun) has three locations; Ocala, Florida; Thermal, California and Tucson, Arizona.  The circuits run January through March, you can go for the entire circuit or just a few weeks.  (www.hitsshows.com)

Ocala, Florida HITS


There is also the FTI Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida.  Olympians and World Cup Champions come here to show for the winter.  The competition is the best you will find in the United States.  Set on 150 acres, the show grounds are complete with shopping, restaurants, over a dozen show rings and activities for kids and adults of all levels of equestrian knowledge.  (www.equesdtriansport.com)

Winter Equestrian Festival


Heading farther west you can try the Gulf Coast Winter Classic at the Harrison County Fairgrounds in Gulfport, Mississippi. The show has three all-weather rings and a large grass field plus a covered arena.  The show offers a Grand Prix each week ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 in prize money. In addition to the horse show, the area offers newer hotels, casinos, entertainment and great gulf coast restaurants. (www.classiccompany.com)

Gulport, Mississippi


Katy, Texas offers a great option for those not wanting to go all the way east or west. The Texas Winter Series Horse Show runs for four weeks from January 31-February 25, 2018. This show offers a Grand Prix each week as well as a USHJA National Hunter Derby weeks I & IV and a USHJA International Hunter Derby weeks I & III. Contact http://www.gswec.com/ for show information and to view their prize list.


Katy, Texas

Can You Guess Who These Adorable Colorado Riders Are?

The person who guesses the most pictures will WIN a Hacked Horse hat or T. Please submit your answers to kristina@thehackedhorse.com. Good luck!


This young rider has darling ponies and loves to strut his stuff in the jumpers and hunters. Guess who?


This rider has grown up in Colorado and currently owns one of the top hunters in the country. Guess who?


This rider is a a superstar Eventer, but often dabbles in the AA Jumpers. Guess who?


This rider has an exceptional chestnut hunter and is an integral part of the Colorado horse community? Guess who?


This gorgeous gal goes to Boulder High School and rides with Kristin Jacob. Guess who?


This Colorado girl only does the AA Jumpers now, but used to do the Pony Hunters and Equitation. Guess who?


This talented young rider does all 3 rings and has a family member as a trainer. Guess who?


This little dynamo is a very talented photographer and an HH Ambassador. Guess who?


She makes cookies and shows in the AA Jumpers. Guess who?


These two are not only two very talented young riders, they are sisters. Guess who?


She now rides on the ASU Equestrian Team. Guess who?


This little cutie grew up on a horse and is very hard to beat in the jumper ring. Guess who?


This girl has a magical unicorn for a horse and can be seen speeding around the 1.20 jumpers. Guess who?


This picture is of a rider that lives in Byers. She has been riding her entire life and is “still hooked.” Guess who?


She’s a social media maven and a great supporter of the Colorado horse community. You see her in the hunter ring now. Guess who?


Merry, Merry!

We searched far and wide for a few must-have items you might just want to give, or receive, this holiday season! Happy shopping and CHEERS!


Perfect for chilly nights and cool days this super comfy Grand Prix Nights sweatshirt was designed to keep you toasty and comfortable this winter.

$54.00 available at One Horse Threads


The perfect denim breech has arrived! We at HH are loving this barn to street look by Asmar Equestrian.

$240.00 available at Asmar Equestrian


This Giles & Brother Silver Pied-de-Biche Cuff is a must-have for every horse enthusiast. You can even have it monogrammed with your horses name.

$145.00 available at Giles & Brother



Who doesn’t love an adorable puppy sweater? This striped Basset Hound Sweater by Joules is just darling and looks great with breeches and jeans.

$89.00 available at Joules USA


Not showing this winter? No worries! You can still have a souvenir from a winter circuits with one these precious t-shirts from Personally Preppy.

$29.99 available at Personally Preppy


The Fox Hunt Scarf is a sumptuous, cozy addition to your riding wardrobe! Light enough to be worn while riding yet soft enough to be the ultimate accessory for work, school or play.

$24.00 available at Hunt Club


Stay warm and look amazing in this AA Platinum Paudua Long Down Jacket. It even has a removable faux fur hood.

$196.00 available at Equo Ware


Wanting to splurge just a little? Look no further with this sophisticated bag by Adi Kissilevich. Luxury at its finest!

$615.00 available at Exceptional Equestrian

You can’t forget about your favorite pup. Be sure to treat your best friend with a Found My Animal Rope Collar. Comes in all kinds of colors so you can be sure to match with your barn colors.

$56.00 at Found My Animal


These boots were made for chic barn to street style. The Ariat Sage Stoneleigh not only has English charm, but is waterproof, durable and all-day comfortable.

$269.95 at Back Country


Your horse will be styled and ready to attend any show in this Harcour fleece cooler.

$99.00 at Colorado Tack and Supply Co.

The perfect stocking stuffer! This Equus Candle in Carrot & Spice is sure to please any horse lover on your list. These handcrafted soy candles are poured into repurposed wine bottles and come in four scents.

$24.00 at EQU Lifestyle Boutique



Love Your Melon and keep it warm this winter in one of these fun 100% cotton Fiesta Pom Beanies.

$24.00 at Love Your Melon


This to-die-for vest is a must have for any discerning equestrian. Made from soft merino wool the Star Trek Sleeveless Vest by Cavalleria Toscana is sure to be a wardrobe favorite.

$390.00 available at Luxe EQ


What horse doesn’t need a fancy pair of fleece lined patent leather boots? These DSB boots are designed to protect your best friend. Many colors available and at a great price you can afford to get a few pairs.

$54.95 available at Colorado Tack and Supply Company


When you have opened all your gifts you will want to send that perfect thank you note! From the Hunt Seat Paper Co. these notes come in sets of 10 and are just darling.

$19.00 at Hunt Seat Paper Co.


Made in the USA and hand crafted in Florida, Greystone premium leather belts by Mastermind are not only beautiful and unique, but so tough and durable …this belt will be your go-to for everyday. GIVE BACK! With every belt purchased Mastermind will donate ALL proceeds to a non-profit animal sanctuary organization, that cares for rescued animals of all species!

$189.00 available at Mastermind Equestrian


Who doesn’t want a little fluff in their life? This Fluff Monkey is not only cute and colorful it will clean your horse and polish your boots. Comes in all kinds of color combinations so you can mix & match.

$23.00 at WC Equestrian