The Modern Farmhouse


Many of you may know Kim Marvel Harrison and have been following her documentation of building a modern farmhouse in Arvada, Colorado. Here at HH we loved seeing this process unfold and couldn’t wait until its completion to ask Kim a little bit about her new house and how it came to fruition…

Explain a little about yourself?

I’m Kim Harrison. I’m originally from Bucks County, PA, but have lived in Colorado for 17 years. I work in marketing for a food company and volunteer at The Grey Tail benefiting the Baco Fund tack shop in Golden. I’m married to my best friend, David Harrison, and we have 3 rescue pups named Roswell, Chico and Zeke. I’m currently shopping for a new hunter/equitation horse.

How long have you been riding?

I started riding when I was 8 and rode until I went college. After nine long years without horses, I started riding again 6 years ago.

Who do you ride with?

I ride with Debbie Bergman of Rocky Mountain Riding Academy based out of Capricorn Farm in Golden.




Can you tell us a little about your new home and how you decided to take on the project?

We just moved into our newly built modern farmhouse and workshop that sits on an acre and half in Arvada, Colorado. It’s an open concept house with a great room, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a loft, a mudroom, a dog room and a bonus room that isn’t quite finished yet. We worked with Ken Bridges of BlueLine Architects on the design and Walker Melzer of Walker’s Woodcraft was our carpenter extraordinaire. David and GeoBuilder managed the project. We embarked on this project after my husband, David, went back to school for fine woodworking several years ago and fell in love with it. So the original plan was to turn the garage at our old house in Denver into a workshop. But after running into some zoning and space issues, we realized we were trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. So we started searching for properties just outside the city that had more room for a workshop and some more elbow room for everything else in our lives. From riding at Capricorn Farm, we knew about the Fairmont area right on the Arvada/Golden border, but we just didn’t find an existing home that was right for us. Then we got SUPER lucky and an empty lot went up for sale in the same area. We visited it the very next day and were there for all of 5 minutes before we decided to buy it and build on it.

What was your goal with building your new home?

We wanted to create an inviting, yet modern home. We wanted something that had a good separation between public and private spaces and was great for entertaining. We also wanted a home that fit our life well and had designated spaces for our needs (i.e. a dog room, a walk-in closet with an attached laundry room, space for 2 home offices, a private space for guests, an oversized garage for storing horse stuff, and a workshop for building furniture.)



What was your inspiration?

I grew up in an historic farmhouse and have always loved the utilitarian simplicity to their designs. I also love mid-century modern architecture, so when I stumbled across the modern farmhouse style I obviously got really excited. Thankfully David was on board with the style too! We found aspects of a few different modern farmhouses on Houzz & Pinterest that we liked and we ended up blending together ideas from all of them with the help of our incredibly talented (and patient!) architect.

How long did it take to build?

We bought the property 4 years ago. We spent 18 months coming up with the design. Then it took exactly 2 years 5 months and 5 days from the time we broke ground to when we passed our final inspection for the house and the workshop. There is still a long list of projects that need to be completed, such as landscaping and interior build out, but it feels really good to finally be living here! One of the benefits of the project taking so long is that it gave us the time to really focus on the important details. Along with the craftsmanship assistance from our friend Walker Melzer, he and David were really able to put their own special “woodwork-y” touch on the place.



Can you explain some of your favorite details?

The details in the great room (kitchen, dining, living room) are my favorite. The walls and ceiling are clad in shiplap that took Walker a full 6 weeks to hang. The precision and craftsmanship of his work really shines in this room – it’s truly a work of art! David built the kitchen cabinets and did a great job of adding unique touches like walnut kick boards and a nook for a dog bed in the kitchen island. There’s also a lot of reclaimed materials in the room from Front Range Timber and McPhee & McGinnity, such as beams from old mines, wood from the bed of an old tractor trailer and the front doors from the old Denver Hardware building.




What was the most difficult part of the process?

The design process was really hard! We had an amazing architect to help guide us, but when you’re building from scratch, there’s a lot of pressure to make sure you get things right from the start vs. working things into an existing design or floor plan. Also just the sheer number of decisions that you need to make when doing a custom home gets a little overwhelming and even hard to keep track of at times! But at the same time, it was really fun to get to make all of those decisions too!



What part of designing and building the home was your favorite?

I love how the silo came about. It started as the crazy idea of having a hot tub inside a metal grain silo. Then we ditched the hot tub idea, but incorporated the silo into the plans as part of the bonus room. We couldn’t do a basement because of how high the water table is in the area, so we wanted to add on some additional space for overflow living and dining, and to help balance the structure aesthetically from the exterior. A custom steel worker fabricated the metal skeleton of the silo and once it was framed in, David decided to Shou Sugi Ban the exterior boards, which is an ancient Japanese finishing technique where you burn the wood to seal and protect it. So this meant that poor David had to stand outside in the middle of the summer and burn every board that’s on the exterior of the silo with a blowtorch! Walker then finished the inside with dark beams and trim as well as a tin ceiling. We plan to add bookcases to the inside of the silo at some point down the road to give it a cozy library feel.



Vendor Spotlight: Canterbury Tack

Colorado’s newest mobile boutique tack shop is all over the Colorado Circuit showing customers their tried and true brands and featuring the latest MUST-HAVE products for fall & beyond. HH sat down with owner/founder Megan Maxwell for a little insight into her vision for Canterbury Tack.

By: HH Contributor Kristina McCombie


HH: How did Canterbury Tack originate, and what was the inspiration?


MM: Last fall I was becoming increasingly unhappy and unsatisfied in my career. At this time, I also became frustrated that certain riding brands either required a long drive or ordering online. As I began casually talking about this with my barn family it became apparent that I was not the only one feeling the frustration, and that there was a legitimate gap in the market… especially the CHJA market. So when I had finally made the decision to switch careers it came together rather quickly. I left my previous job in February and was receiving inventory by May. I get asked a lot about where I came up with the name Canterbury. The name, and my overall inspiration for the shop, came from my minor obsession with the English country lifestyle, or at least how I perceive it to be (which is probably not at all how it is-hahaha)!



HH: What makes Canterbury Tack different than other retailers?


MM: Canterbury offers a boutique shopping experience, that is intended to offer shoppers more of a luxury retail shopping service. We have even put together custom outfits for customers (including items that are not necessarily in the shop), similar to a personal shopper or stylist. Canterbury also offers barn visits/trunk shows. What that means is we can be booked at any barn for private shopping events. We will also personally deliver items to customers at their barns to try products on themselves or their horse(s).



HH: What brands do you carry? What is your #1 must have product in the store?


MM: We carry a variety of products at different price points. A few of the brands we carry (we are always adding more) are Tailored Sportsman, RJ Classics, Equine Couture, Samshield, Back on Track, Majyk Equipe, Lettia, Anique Equestrian, Kerrits, Haas Brushes, Kavalkade, Lilo Leather Goods, C4 Belts, Ronner Design, Tucker Tweed, HDR, Cowboy Magic, as well as Carr & Day & Martin. Our #1 must have is a toss up between our customizable Lilo belts, which we size to fit, or the new Anique sunshirts which also make a great base layer.


HH: Where can we find you the rest of the season?


MM: We will be at Blue Cloud, Fox Hill, Fall Finale, and Medal Finals. We will also be at the January IEA show, and have been asked to attend a driving event at CHP the last week of September. If you are unable to catch us at one of these events you can always book a barn visit or shop online at our website



HH: If you could ride any horse dead or alive, who would it be?


MM: This is a hard question and I am not sure I could pick one, so I will give you four; My horses Bear, Snowman, Totilas, and Gold Rush.



Three is a Charm for this Young Rider


HH: Who is Macie? Tell us a little about yourself …

I am a 14-year-old girl who loves animals! I do the beginner juniors on my horse Caspian and I ride with Virado equestrians. I have been riding for about 6 years and I love it.

HH: What horse(s) do you have right now and what are you working on?

I own three horses. The first one is Killian who is a 12-year-old paint gelding who I enjoy hacking and riding bareback. My second horse is Caspian, my sister and I share him and he is a 16-year-old thoroughbred Dutch warmblood. Last we have Siggy, he is a 5-year-old Slovakian warmblood who my mom rides. Currently I am focused on riding Caspian because we are preparing for medal finals. We are working on staying relaxed and finding a good pace.



HH: What were some of your accomplishments this past year and what are your future goals?

In the past year I have been showing in the Beginner Juniors and this is an accomplishment to me because I have done better than I anticipated. This is also an accomplishment to me because Caspian is a very forward ride with a shorter stride, so we have worked really hard on staying relaxed while extending his stride. I am proud of our progress! In the future one of my goals is to be able to do the CHJA Juniors.


HH: Who do you idolize in the sport?

Someone that I idolize would be Taylor St. Jacques. She is a beautiful rider!

HH: Who have you ridden with and what have you taken from each trainer?

I have ridden with Kindra Warner for almost my whole riding career. She has taught me everything that I know about riding. Some things that she has taught me have included being savvy in the show ring, being patient with your horse, great balance, and too many more to list. I truly don’t know how I would be where I am without her.



HH: If your horse(s) was/were a person who do you think he/she would be like?

If Killian were a person he would be like the friend that likes to get into trouble.
If Caspian were a person he would be like Usain Bolt because he knows he’s good at what he does and he likes to go fast.
If Siggy were a person he would be a model because he knows he’s handsome.



HH: What is always in your tack trunk?

In my tack trunk I always have a show pad, mirror, girth, treats, and a clean show sheet.

HH: What’s your favorite show and why?

My favorite show is Copper Penny up in Estes. This is my favorite show because I love being able to spend quality time with my friends and my team always finds ways to make each year beyond fun and special. I also love it because it is a relaxing show that I can spend with my horses and enjoy like a vacation.

HH: Do you have any good luck charms or are you superstitious about anything?



The only good luck charms that I have would be my horses. I don’t think I am a very superstitious person when it comes to stuff like horse shows.

HH: If you weren’t riding and showing what do you think you’d be doing?

If I weren’t riding I would be doing something that was related to animals and horses. I have no idea what I would do with out horseback riding because it is the only sport that I really connect with.

Everything you need to know about the ASPCA Maclay Finals

It’s that time of year folks where our local riders are readying themselves for the Maclay Regional Finals with hopes of qualifying for the 2018 ASPCA Maclay Championships held at The National Horse Show in Lexington, KY October 27 -November 4, 2018.

This coming Sunday, September 16, 2018 the Colorado Horse Park will host the Region 6 Maclay Finals during their second fall show, Autumn in the Rockies II. Please congratulate the following Colorado riders on qualifying for this prestigious event, as well as those who participated in the qualifying classes throughout the 2018 season. Best of luck to all!


Tali DeJong


Abigail Grace Kelley


Grace McRenynolds


Ellie Morehouse

Portya Muenke


Jaden Olson

Katie Pelzel


Hannah Rohrbach


Olivia Stordahl


Emery Volkert


The National Horse Show, scheduled for October 27 – November 4, 2018, has announced the judges for the prestigious ASPCA Maclay Horsemanship Championship as well as its other important hunter and equitation divisions. Each year the country’s top hunter and jumper riders come to Lexington, KY to compete in some of the most difficult classes they will do all year, including the ASPCA Maclay Championships.

This year, the ASPCA Maclay Championships will take place on November 4. This year, the judge’s booth will be occupied by esteemed horsemen Walter T. Kees and Chance Arakelian at the helm. Both men have an incredible history of success in Equitation and will be charged with determining which rider will take home the 2018 title.



Information regarding vendor participation, entry requirements and advertising is available through Sponsorship inquiries can be made directly through Ariel Weisman. Those seeking information on the recent addition of the Hamel Foundation NHS 3’3 Equitation Championship, the ASPCA Maclay National Championship, or the Leo Conroy Maclay Grant can also find the most recent news online.

Equitation Championship Weekend
October 27-28
• The Hamel Foundation NHS 3’3” Equitation Championship
• Taylor Harris Insurance Services NHS 3’ Adult Equitation Championship
• NHS KHJA Equitation Championship
Hunter Highlights
• Cismont Manor $50,000 Hunter Classic sponsored by the Wheeler Family
(Class winner will receive a car courtesy of Audi of Lexington)
• Leading Hunter Rider Cash Bonus
Show Jumping Highlights
• $250,000 Longines FEI World Cup Jumping Lexington
• Leading Jumper Rider Cash Bonus
• Leading Jumper Rider to receive a car courtesy of Audi of Lexington
• Hollow Brook Wealth Management $50,000 Show Jumping Hall of Fame Series Grand Prix
Equitation Highlights
• ASPCA Alfred B. Maclay National Championship
(Winning trainer to receive a car courtesy of Audi of Lexington)

Founded in 1833, the National Horse Show is the culmination of the east coast summer equestrian season. With $810,000 in prize money offered, the National Horse Show has been designated a CSI4*-W event by the FEI. International Open Jumpers will compete for almost half a million dollars in prize money, while the top-rated hunter sections will vie for a total purse of $195,000. For six consecutive years, the National Show Hunter Hall of Fame has named the National Horse Show the Horse Show of the Year.

To learn more about the National Horse Show, click here.