FOR SALE – Hunter/Equitation TB Mare

My Fair Lady – Champion 2’9′ Hunter and Equitation horse, 15.2 12 y/o Thoroughbred mare by Say Florida Sandy, ranked #1 in Colorado. Well proven in both show rings, consistently in the tricolors. Excellent flatwork, gorgeous mover, winner in the equitation and hunter hack. Well mannered on the ground, excellent feet, goes barefoot in the winter, always sound. Loves to show, knows her job, walks the lines, no lunge/prep before ring. No buck, spook, crib, kick, etc. Suitable for a competitive junior, sophisticated enough for an adult. Competed at Medal Finals in 2017. Video available. Contact Celia Thomas at ‘Cross the Meadow Farm for price, additional information, and to schedule a demo. (303) 805-2357

No lease option available. Please do not message, call number listed.
CHJA #3458

Details –
12 year-old
15.2 hands
Hunter, Equitation
Currently showing 2’9″
Prospect for 3’0″ to 3’3″
1-2 Years Showing

Inquire for Sale Price

Celia Thomas
(303) 805-2357

She shares initials with George Morris, plays competitive soccer, and her riding is turning heads across the country. Read to find out more about talented Colorado rider Grace McReynolds, and her horses Kalvin and Cookie.

By: HH Contributor Kristina McCombie


HH: Who is Grace? Tell us a little about yourself.

GM: I am 16 years old and currently a sophomore at Rampart High School in Colorado Springs. I have been riding for 10 years at Hunter Run Farm. Outside of riding I play competitive soccer. When I have free time you’ll find me hanging out with my best friends.


HH: What horse(s) do you have right now and what are you working on?

GM: My family has four horses at the moment. One being a pony who is leased out to my trainers daughter, another that we are currently trying to lease out and two that I show as my hunter and equitation horses. The two horses I currently show are Kalvin (Kabaltic) and Cookie (Finnegan). Kalvin is a 7 year old Belgian warmblood who I show in equitation and medals. We got Kalvin a little over a year ago and he has been the best addition to our family. Cookie is an 13 year old Irish sport horse that I’ll show in the 3’3″ junior hunters this year. We got cookie about 3 years ago for my sister. When she went off to college I began riding him and after our first show he unfortunately got hurt and had surgery last year in February. He returned to the show ring in September and I can’t wait for this year with him! Right now I am really focusing on my position and keeping my lower leg still over the fences. Both my horses have their own challenges and I’m working on changing my mindset and ride when switching from one to the other.


Grace and Kalvin


HH: What were some of your accomplishments this past year and what are your future goals?

GM: I wasn’t able to show Cookie until the end of the show year, but he has done very well at the two shows he’s shown in and we are hoping to qualify for the 3’3″ Junior Hunter Finals in Del Mar this year. When we first got Kalvin he was a jumper and had never shown in the US, let alone in a hunter or equitation ring. He has exceeded all my expectations; some of the highlights being: winning the National CHJA Junior Medal, competing at Junior Hunter Finals, 3’3″ Maclay finals, 3’6″ Maclay Regionals, and Kalvin being year end champion in every single division he competed in. This year I am hoping to compete at 3’6″ Junior Hunter Finals and the Hunterdon cup on Kalvin. I hope to be able to qualify for the Taylor Harris, Maclay, and Dover/USEF Medals as well.


HH: Who do you idolize in the sport?

GM: It’s very hard for me to pick a specific person. There are so many big names who everyone looks up to but I look up to anyone who rides at any level who is respectful and kind to not only their horses but others in the show ring.


Grace and Cookie


HH: Who have you ridden with and what have you taken from each trainer?

GM: I train with Lorelei Cudney, Susan Winston, Frances Nix, and Amberlee Wentz. I have always trained with Lorelei and she has taught me so much not only about horses but also about being a good person. She has taken me from short stirrup to where I am today. But more importantly has taught me to always be kind to others, to relish in my accomplishments as well as others. I owe everything to her and there is no way I could ever pay her back. Susan started to train me a couple of years ago. She has taught me that every horse has their own issues. She is always looking for new exercises to help each specific horse and myself, making us both more confident. Frances has taught me that not everything is about the height and having a good foundation is the key. She has helped me improve my position in equitation this year. Finally Amberlee helps train my horses. I can’t imagine where I’d be without her putting training rides on both my horses. Even when she’s about to walk in the ring on another horse, she always finds time to give me little tips to help with my horses that day. She has been essential on developing Kalvin since he is so young.


HH: If your horse(s) was/were a person who do you think he/she would be like?

GM: Kalvin would be “The Rock” (Dwayne Johnson). He’s big and muscular and likes to show off but at the same time he has the sweetest heart and can act like a little kid when he wants. Cookie would be quite similar to Ashton Kutcher. He is very handsome, but has a quirky personality. He would be the practical joker in the horse world.



HH: What is always in your tack trunk?

GM: I always have all the necessities like spurs, gloves, brushes, etc. But the one thing I always try to have in my tack trunk is a hair tie. A lot of the times I’ll forget one at home or in the car so it’s always nice to know I’ll have an extra for the times I do forget.


HH: What’s your favorite show and why?

GM: My favorite show would definitely have to be Del Mar. I love the fact that you can show and then drive five minutes and be on the beach. I look forward to going to this show every year and being able to show on the grass. Showing on the grass just makes the experience so much better.


HH: Do you have any good luck charms or are you superstitious about anything?

GM: I have never been one to be superstitious or have good luck charms.


Grace and Kabaltic at The Colorado Horse Park


HH: If you weren’t riding and showing what do you think you’d be doing?

GM: I am fortunate enough to be able to play two sports at a very high level, so if I weren’t riding I would definitely be playing soccer.


Pictures for this article courtesy of Quintessence Photography

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By HH Contributor Kristina McCombie


Ravissant, Katie Pelzel’s sassy black mare is hard to miss in the jumper ring. Small in stature, but huge in personality, this outstanding horse is helping Katie make all her junior career dreams come true before she heads off to college in the fall.


HH: Tell us about your horse, Ravissant (age, breeding, owner, barn name, favorite treats, etc).

KP: Ravissant is a 17 year old Danish warmblood by Royal Z II. Her barn name is “Santi,” but she’s more commonly called Queen because she truly is the queen of the barn. Her brand even resembles a crown. Her favorite treats are bananas.



HH: How long have you and Ravissant been a team? How did you find each other?

KP: Santi and I have been together for two years now. She was originally donated as part of a college riding team, but was too sensitive for multiple riders. She still occasionally helps out at the IHSA and IEA shows in the open divisions.



HH: What do you currently show in?

KP: We have been showing in the 1.20m Low Junior Jumpers, but just moved up to the 1.30m Juniors at Stock Show.


HH: What makes Ravissant such a great addition to your barn?

KP: What makes Santi such a great addition to the barn is that she always wants to please us. She is very particular about riders, but when she truly likes you, she will do whatever it takes to please you. Santi is an amazing teacher! Within the last two years I’ve learned countless lessons from her.



HH: Does Ravissant have any quirks or goofy traits? How is she around the barn?

KP: When we turn Santi out in the pasture she’ll take off just crazy bucking. Then when she wants to come in she’ll stand at the gate waiting for someone to notice her. If we don’t get there fast enough she jumps out of the turn out and puts herself back. She also is really spooky and is really hard to hack. Her spook causes her to be overly careful and sometimes she’ll even add a trot step or two in front of a jump. The first time she trotted a 4’ oxer I just had to laugh. Like my mom says, “no scope, no hope.”


HH: What are your goals for the rest of the year and beyond with Ravissant?

KP: I plan to do the Junior Jumpers with Santi for the rest of the season and will hopefully get to do my first Grand Prix with her before I head off to ride for the Oklahoma State Equestrian Team.


HH: What successes have you shared with Ravissant? Anything in particular you are especially proud of?

KP: Santi and I were champions several times over the summer in the Low Juniors. In Estes Park we won the 1.20m Classic against all of the pros (including my own trainer). I’m especially proud of how far we have come together in the past two years. She’s brought me from the Low Children’s to the 1.30m.


HH: What do you enjoy most about riding Ravissant?

KP: What I enjoy most about riding Santi is her salty attitude and quirky behavior. I think we get along so well because we both have the same amount of sass. Even though she has attitude, I know she will always try her hardest for me.


HH: If Ravissant was a teenager, which table would she sit at in the cafeteria and why?

KP: Santi would definitely sit with the jocks. All the boys love her!



HH: What are Ravissant’s favorite treats?

KP: She loves bananas more than anything else. She gets so impatient when I peel one that she’s even tried to eat the peel.


Photos courtesy of Golden Strides Photography, Tori Weed, and Katie Pelzel.

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